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Infants (0-12 Months) and Infant Transition (12 – 18 Months)

Our Infant teaching staff at Wee Care Child Development Center is very loving, patient, and possesses an attentive nature. They have created a warm and responsive environment for our infants to grow and thrive in. Our infant room is bright, clean, and very colorful. Each baby has a “primary” care provider…click here to learn more.

Toddlers (18 Months to 3 Years of Age)

Toddlers are exploring with becoming more independent. They are active learners who are very eager to explore new activities. Our toddler teaching staff is very loving, energetic, and patient with our inquisitive toddlers. The teaching staff works closely with our toddlers…click here to learn more

Three Year Old Preschoolers 

Three Year Old Preschoolers are extremely inquisitive and spend a lot of time observing, watching and imitating their peers and teachers. They are developing more of an “I can do it attitude”! Preschoolers prefer enhancing their large motor skills and struggle to retain knowledge…click here to learn more

Four Year Old Preschoolers

Four Year Old Preschoolers are becoming more “hands on learners” who desire to independently manipulate their experience where learning is concerned! Through our “learning centers” they have an opportunity to work individually or as a group. More group activities are introduced in our four year old preschool classes…click here to learn more

Latchkey Children (5-12 Years of Age) 

Our Latchkey Program is offered Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm. Linden Elementary students are picked up from our location and all other students are transported by the Wee Care bus for an additional fee…click here to learn more

Extra Programs 

Summer Camps (3-12 Years of Age) and other scheduled programs…click here to learn more.

Programs and Tuition

Please call for prices for services.

We welcomeDHS families at our center!

Welcome to Wee Care

Our philosophy is to celebrate each child by inspiring their curiosity and imagination by promoting self-confidence through real and relevant learning experiences. 

We personally invite you to stop in and explore our learning center at your earliest convenience. God Bless Your Family!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 

6:00am - 6:00pm 

13274 S. Linden Rd. 
Linden, MI 48451 

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Wee Care Child Development

We are a non-profit ministry of the Linden Free Methodist Church.